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About Ash

Ash is a digital developer with a passion for Javascript and using modern web APIs to improve user experience. He works at ABC News in sunny Brisbane, Australia where he uses web technology to surprise and delight news consumers. He also helps run the local JS meetup which holds monthly talks and networking events for developers to share and learn from each other.

More than meets the eye; 4 tips for accessible animation

A11y Bytes Brisbane 2018
Brisbane, Australia

Animation is everywhere these days and is an important communication tool in interface design. But for folks with attention, vestibular, or seizure disorders there can be a downside to too much motion, so how can we balance the two? In this talk you'll learn about some gotchas in motion design and four concrete steps to improving your user experience.

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Diversity in the Brisbane Tech Scene

BrisJS (Brisbane Javascript meetup)
Toowong, Australia

Having recently returned from overseas to a seemingly backward country during an emotionally charged “debate” around gay rights, I put together a few words around diversity in tech that the BrisJS community needed to hear.

I love Brisbane, and maybe someday it could be a place that people choose to live, rather than moving away at the first opportunity.

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WebAssembly 101

Fronteers Conference 2017
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

With competition between browser vendors heating up, Javascript performance has improved greatly over the past decade, but now WebAssembly is set to change the game. Introducing a new binary format that brings near-native speeds, WebAssembly is a completely different way of thinking about web development. So what does this mean for Javascript, security, and the web platform as a whole?

In this talk, we'll go through some history before diving into how it all fits together and how you can start using it today.

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js13k roundup

BrisJS (Brisbane Javascript meetup)
Toowong, Australia

After a month working on the 13 kilobyte game jam for js13k, I show off some cool 3d-in-2d work that ultimately didn't go anywhere.

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