Happy new year

It’s 2023.

I like new years. I used to think of it as a sort of atheist christmas. But I think these days I appreciate the opportunity for reflection and realignment.

I haven’t had a lot of energy for introspection lately, which is a nice way of saying I am worn down and tired to my bones. Lately things haven’t been working for me, so the new year is a welcome mental reset. I have resolved to reflect more and be kinder to myself, and taking the first week of the year off work is a nice start.

Other than that I’m entering the year with a few little plans:

  1. I want to go on a holiday. I was hoping to do that over the break, but domestic tourism is hectic and most things are booked out and too expensive.
  2. After my old bike broke in 2022, I want to get my new bike built. Get back into an exercise routine, and take it on trips.
  3. I want to save money and pay down my mortgage.
  4. I want to work out what to do with myself.
  5. And I want to try to blog more.

I think that’s a reasonable place to start.