Goodwill sunset

I bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max for it’s excellent camera array intending to elevate my vlogs, but within the 14 day cool down period I decided it wasn’t for me and returned it. I think I got suckered into the marketing hype.

Instead I decided to get a proper camera for myself, the Sony ZV1. It’s a point-and-shoot form factor designed specifically for video, based on the RX100 line. I wish I did this ages ago.

With a notional risk of community transmission I decided not to meet up with friends this weekend, opting instead for a call and some Animal Crossing. But I still wanted to do something with myself and get some exercise, so I decided to ride into the city and take some b-roll.

A cloudless sky looking along the Brisbane river at Southbank and the ferry stop on the north side.

It was a fun ride, and I managed to use some of the new CityLink paths. They were not especially convenient coming from Roma Street but I appreciated them nonetheless.

I spent a little time in the city, but for the sunset I camped out on the Goodwill Bridge to watch the birds, ferries, and generally life go by. It was cold but nice.

Later in the evening the sun has gone down further leaving a fiery red on the horizon. A CityCat pools into the stop.

There’s no shots from the camera because it’s really only for video. But I got a few good clips you might see in an upcoming vlog.

It wasn’t a spectacular sunset, but right toward the end as the daylight died it delivered the goods.

My phone did a decent job of capturing the magic.