Enoggera Creek

Took this photo on the way back from lunch today. The ibis roost in the trees to the right, and fruit bats live out-of shot to the left.

I always thought this was “Breakfast Creek” but my lunch buddy Gav called it differently so I did a little research.

Google Maps and OpenStreetMap both label the entire stretch Enoggera Creek, but I found the following snippet in a local newspaper:

A Department of Natural Mines and Resources spokesman said “significant research” in 1992 confirmed the name changed where the North Coast Railway Line crossed the creek, south of Albion Station and west of Burrows St and Hudson Rd.

A News Corp publication

Apparently there used to be a small tributary creek around the area that was used as the distinction, but it’s always been somewhat of a mystery:

“Confusion over where Enoggera Creek becomes Breakfast Creek dates back to the 1850s when a survey plan labelled the creek at this point as ‘Breakfast Creek or Enoggera Creek’”

Department of Natural Mines and Resources spokesman

I may need to dust off my OpenStreetMap account and make the controversial edit based on this info.

But suffice to say, this segment does appear to be Enoggera Creek after all.

You can download the original photo.