Charlie’s visit

My parents were determined to go to the wedding, so they dropped little Charlie off for a holiday on their way.

He was a really good boy, and didn’t cry when they left. I think he was more excited to play with the ball he found in the yard, although he kept rolling it under the couch where he couldn’t get it out.

What a silly boy.

It was nice having him. Though he had me on edge all the time because I was worried that he’d escape somehow. And any time I’d let him out the front he’d bark at anyone who went by, giving me a shot of adrenaline every time. I think I need more whale noises or something.

But every morning he would wake me up with his puppy dog eyes and want to play with his toys and that made everything worthwhile.

On Saturday we went out to Shorncliffe to have a bbq with the crew, Ben, Dan and Ryan.

R offered to pick us up in his schmancy sports car, so I popped Charlie in my backpack to stop him getting hair and/or put nose-prints everywhere. They both seemed to like it; Charlie cos it was an adventure and Ryan cos it was cuuuute.

I was worried we mightn’t have enough food, but that’s NEVER the case when we get together.

Ryan brought salads and skewers, Dan brought nibbly bits, and Ben went all out with one of his trademark brownies (for which I still need to return the pan). I brought buns and burger essentials, so B ablated a good 5 mm off the top of the bbq plate with pure alcohol and we fried up some bird & halloumi.

Charlie appreciated his little bit of chicken once we were done (thanks Uncle Ben).

Mum and dad came to stay after the wedding. I think hey only intended for a few days, but since they were enjoying themselves it ended up being almost a week.

Mum brought down a lot of plants she’d cultivated, and dad brought some power tools. Between them they managed to tidy up a massive amount of the garden in the thirty degree heat of spring. I feel a little guilty because I only really helped on the weekend.

Mum used the power saw to remove a bunch of scrappy old trees, poisoned some of the nasty stuff that was growing, and planted a couple of the gardens. I found some old sleepers to use as garden edges and it looks really good now.

She also uncovered a whole section up the back which I thought was just garden bed but is actually a nice bricked patio area under one of the fruit trees. I am definitely going to get a little outdoor setting and work from here on Fridays.

I think Dad enjoyed trying out my power tools, and perfectly sculpted the front lawn and verge with the trimmer, blower, and hose. This place has never looked so neat.

It was a really nice visit, and kinda felt like a holiday even though I was still working. It was just nice to spend time with my parents that wasn’t a big stress, and I think they felt the same way 🙂

Shawnie is in Scotland at the moment and he keeps sending me pictures of lochs and castles and that sort of thing. I’m very jealous and wish I could be there toooooo, but also I’m just happy that he’s getting the chance to enjoy some wilderness.