Lawn mower

I messaged Ben on Friday afternoon with an urgent request to help pick up a lawn mower from Gumtree. 140 bucks brand new. Too good to pass up.

While I was waiting for the person to open the door I noticed a green laser piercing the sky. Apparently because Riverfire was cancelled they’ve set up a laser show that anyone can walk around town and check out on their own time.

I miss this stuff. In Amsterdam there was the annual light festival, but it was an otherwise very boring city. So I’m thinking about taking the bike over the Story Bridge and around to the KP cliffs to check it out. With a tripod this time.

I do miss sitting by the river.

A green laser shoots across the night sky, over old wooden houses.
Riverfire laser across Woolloongabba

The lawnmower was alright. On Saturday I put it together, adjusted the blades, raked the yard and discovered that underneath the detritus there wasn’t much lawn left to mow. It still looks a lot better having finished it, and also cos I rearranged some logs so now the yard has shape to it. Green bin goes out tomorrow, party time.

Tonight I had dinner with Ryan at a little Thai place in Milton. We’ve been meaning to catch up for a while, but the plans we made were too big and neither of us wanted to follow through so we’ve been putting them off for weeks. So tonight was originally going to be an order-in night, no pressure, but the uber eats app marked everything up enough that we decided to go straight to the restaurant and saved almost thirty bucks.

I took a scooter home and it ran out of battery three quarters of the way back. I blame the hills.

Now I’m in bed, and I really don’t want to sleep. I’ve caught up on Twitter, the news, messaged Shawnie, taken care of my Tiny Tower, and now finished my weekend blog. So now that’s all the procrastination done, I should put on some thunderstorm sounds and get this done.