Really need to fix my sleep schedule. It’s not that I’ve been having trouble sleeping, I just hate going to bed. Working nights isn’t helping because now I’ve got an excuse for bad sleep hygiene. I’m the worst.

The new place is getting there. It’s a three bedroom cottage half renovated in Windsor, close to the creek and not lots else really. But it’s home and I feel safe.

It’s still somewhat of a shell but I have a couch and a computer. Ben gave me his old tv and I went on an online ordering spree last night for a bunch of things to decorate the place. It’s getting there.

Amsterdam is still a massive pain in my butt though, and I have so many loose ends that I’m struggling to resolve. I just hate it and I want it over. Pretty sure this week is going to set another bunch of dominoes in motion, and I really need to speak to the accountant before I do.

Ah christ. I should write a to-do list. Item one: sleep.