On line purchases

Shawn and I made pasta over video for our half year anniversary. I was extremely stressed and anxious about unrelated things, but there must be something cathartic about making a big old mess of flour everywhere because I was feeling pretty good by the time we finished.

No pics cos my raviolis were demented and I forgot to take a photo anyway. But I’ll definitely be doing it again now I know how easy* it is.

Finally pressed the button on a big Amazon order today. I’d been saving up to do it in one go and save on (free) delivery, but my toothpaste is almost empty so that pushed me over the edge. It’s arriving in three separate deliveries anyway, spread throughout the week.

I discovered almost by accident that I can order consumables as well as regular items, so along with a new tube of toothpaste I’ve bought ten litres of UHT milk. The thinking is that now I don’t have to lug the stuff back from the supermarket. I’m trying to keep shopping trips to a minimum, so this will leave more room for other items in my backpack.

This morning I woke up to a gloomy overcast, it seems the sunny weather has gone for the while. It’s nice because the cigarette smoker hasn’t been outside my window as much today.

I think I prefer the rainy days, they’re more cosy, although I realised today that compared to back home the petrichor has a very different, kinda damp smell. It’s not the same.