Why is there so much dust

Right as the old construction site finished, there is a new one starting up across the road (yeah, during the “lockdown”). Even though I have noise cancelling headphones I can still hear it. There is so much dirt in my apartment I am vacuuming thrice a week and my Macbook has dust streaks coming out of the air vents.

I’ve had a mild sinusitis ever since the work-from-home order. My nose is full of crap and my sinuses burn, and it doesn’t help that there’s a dickhead sits outside my window on his Macbook smoking all day. If I catch it in time I can close the windows and keep it out, but once it’s inside there’s nothing I can do. It gets too hot to keep the place closed up in any case.

I’m pretty angry with my living situation at the moment because it’s quite literally toxic and I feel dirty all the time and I am so damn tired, but courtesy of global events there’s nowhere to go. I guess I’ll complain about it on the Internet.