Having suffered through a long string of faulty Google hardware I finally cracked, demanded a refund of my Pixel, and moved to iOS.

For a few weeks anyway.

After three or so weeks I realised it was giving me FOMO and a low level anxiety. Notifications would appear and disappear before they could be read. Google Keyboard had to open another app to accept voice input. Not being able to share stuff between apps short of closing one and opening another manually? Everything felt like a hack to work around some limitation or another.

I’m not sure if this is just my not being used to the ins and outs of the OS, and it probably is at least partially, but the whole experience felt like using an OS from several few generations ago. I bought into a bunch of fanboy nonsense which gave me expectations that it couldn’t possibly meet, and the whole thing left me super bummed out.

So after several weeks of trying, I gave in and bought myself a \$250 Sony/Android figuring it can’t possibly be worse. And it’s been alright so far. Despite being complete trash, it ticks the boxes I need.

We really are in a garbage age of tech.