Chrome App Development? No

As of today I'm ditching Google Chrome app development. The new packaged app APIs make it impossible to use common web standards or write portable code. These are no longer web apps, they're Chrome apps and what even is the point of that?

The main thing that annoys me is that I've tried to make this work. I've ported one app to the new APIs, but I can't upgrade it because the web store doesn't support that.

I've started writing another app and seriously spent hours debugging simply how to load remote images. In the process I've found errors are getting thrown but not showing up in the dev tools and I've just found I've been using a particular proprietary Chrome API in the wrong way which means I'm going to have to completely refactor how my app works.

Screw that.

It used to be a happy side-effect of building a quality web app that you could port it to the web store in a couple of hours. You could use off the shelf components to quickly create awesome cross-platform apps and it was a great thing. Now you can't and it's a clusterfuck of weird workarounds to get around restrictions that honestly, honestly are not worth the hassle.

At this point I no longer see an incentive to developing for Chrome at all. It's clunky, agonising, and completely not worth the investment.