No more freelancing (for a while at least)

So I made the decision this week to wind down my freelance business and close the book on what's been a fun time in my career.

I left my previous job with G.James in late 2012 and spent a period of eight months or so flitting around River City Labs and alternating between working with clients and producing my own sites and apps. In this time I vastly expanded my skill-set and met and worked with a bunch of great people both in Brisbane as well as further abroad. It's been really inspiring and a whole lot of fun, and I hope I can do it again someday.

In May 2013 I joined ABC News Online as a web developer to help work on a completely new site for the upcoming Federal Election. Along with that I also worked on a bunch of other stuff including the launch of the mobile News website and a bunch of interactive features. I've stuck around ever since, and just recently I was offered a full-time position which means I'll be sticking around a little longer yet.

Let's be clear, I'm not responsible for the outcome. (Labor 55 seats, Coalition 90.)

While this is an awesome opportunity, it means I'm not going to have time to work on client projects any time for the foreseeable future which is why I've finally shut down my business site and redirected it here. I'm still maintaining existing sites, but there's no new client developments on the horizon.

That's no to say I'm completely consumed by my job. I'll be heading to Camp JS in in May and I've got a bunch of projects up my sleeve that I'm itching to work on. It's a really exciting time in the web industry and I'm super pleased that I'm working with such a progressive organisation as ABC where I can contribute to something positive while learning from a great team at the same time.