Useful Gadgets: USB Ethernet Adapter

Never has this little 10/100 USB Ethernet adapter come in so useful as in the age of laptops without Ethernet ports.

This USB Ethernet adapter has come in so useful over the years.

I originally bought it when it was unusual to find a desktop PC with an Ethernet port, and I would be able to transfer files across, make backups, update things, etc. Back in the day it only worked on Linux without a driver CD, but now it works everywhere except Windows XP.

These days I'm finding it useful for the initial install of an OS. I'm not the kind to have a easy-to-type wi-fi password, and sometimes the wireless adapter might need a driver anyway, so out comes the trusty USB Ethernet adapter and whatever device gets wired directly to the router for the first ten minutes or so of life.

Seriously, I love this little guy. So small and innocuous, I could have gotten rid of it in a hundred cleanouts, but I kept it because it's just that good. Thanks buddy!