Localisation & Internationalisation

Having translated Spider Solitaire recently, I've now got a 17% and growing share of Spanish speaking users.

It's a machine translation (naughty!) but I agonised over word choices, translating fragments back and forth until I was sure I'd preserved the meaning. Even then, I've doubtlessly got stuff wrong which bothers me a little, but I'm still pleased with the result and I hope to do more.

I also enlisted the help of a friend of a friend for a French translation and again the stats of French users have started to increase. I only published the translated version yesterday and already there's some 4% of users with this locale set, which is a great start. I'm interested in seeing just how much of an increase this results in.

I'm a big believer in localisation, but I just wish I could do more of it myself. I've started learning Spanish (again) which is something I've wanted to do for a while and hablo Castellano, un poco, but not much more than that.