Took a bit of a step tonight and changed my Twitter name from @goAshley to @AshKyd, which had been with me since April 2007 (holy cow!).

There were a couple of reasons for the change, namely @goAshley was fine back in the day when I didn't really care about discoverability or professionalism but for a few years it had been starting to feel kinda dumb. It originally started as a private account to vent my frustrations on the world, so it was deliberately obtuse as a semi pseudonym, but these days it's publicly known to be me so I wanted to go with something a bit less gauche.

I think the new name suits.
As times and subject matter change, I figure:

  1. Having a more professional look isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  2. It's shorter and sweeter.
  3. It's kinda my name.
Now I just need to update my bio.

The only down side of this transition is that there's a highly ranked ebay seller with a bad review with the same name on Google, but that's been a small problem for me for a while now regardless. Why did they choose that name? Who knows, but I can assure you I don't sell iPhones.

Either way, I've been considering this change for a while and I'm pretty happy with it. If you don't already, you should follow me!