Playing with SVG

Spent the day plying with SVG. I've always used Inkscape for as long as I can remember, but it's taken me this long to actually dive in and start using the underlying markup for anything more than designing stuff.

I wrote a library to take an input string in a particular format and output a fully blown diagram to scale, based on the measurements and configurations from the input. The idea is that not just myself but also the lay person can rapidly prototype a bunch of diagrams (perhaps dynamically) for the new web site, and later reuse the library for internal projects.

I'm really rather impressed with myself. Aside producing a really cool tool, I've learned a fair bit about SVG itself and how it works. It's a pretty neat language, and features a lot of traits from XML, and CSS. I can see why it was poised (and I suppose still is, although it really fizzled thanks to Internet Explorer) as a web language. I really quite enjoy XML as a markup language, so it's quite fun to use it for drawing lines, filling rectangles with predefined gradients and translating things across the page.

I'm pretty proud of my work today, and I'm quite pleased to add another entry to my wide repertoire of half known things.