Tubes All Clogged

I've been having issues with my Internet for some time. Since I switched to naked DSL I have been having intermittent reductions in speed, as though I'm being throttled even though I haven't gone over my quota.

It's an interesting problem because the modem still syncs at full speed, but the throughput drops down to a tenth of what it should be. At different times throgh the day I can get between 1.2 and 0.15 megabytes per second.

I'm syncing at about 17 megabit usually which is a tiny bit irritating to start with considering my line is less than 350 metres in length. I'm sure I lost some sync speed when I went from the Telstra to Optus DSLAM, but I can't prove it and at the rate my Internet is going nowadays I'd be happy to get back to what my connection is currently capable of.

I spent over an hour on the phone to Internode today trying to sort it out. The staff are always friendly, and helpful but the hold queue is infuriating and it seems like the issue is going around in circles. It's been sent back to Optus now who have already told me there's nothing wrong with my service and closed the case.