Facebook can politely go screw itself

I cancelled my Facebook account for the second time ever yesterday. I haven't been using it for a while, and I'm particularly angry with it because it leaked my personal details to a particularly sleazy third-party site without my knowledge or permission.

This wouldn't have happened on my PC because I've set Firefox up in such a way that it physically can't happen, but I happened to be browsing with my mobile phone at the time which has no such qualms giving this site my full name, photo, age and unknowable other personal details. It wasn't until I noticed that my name and face were plastered over the comment box that I realised the site itself had its tendrils in my profile.

I was under the impression my privacy settings would prevent any form of unauthorised access to my details — apparently not — all I had to do was visit a third party site weeks after last logging into Facebook Touch for it to automatically distribute my details via Facebook Connect?

I was (and remain) incredibly angry, and as a result I deleted (for a second time) my profile. It appears that the only way to really responsibly use Facebook is in a complete sandbox away from the rest of your web browsing, something I'm not prepared to do. There two particular friend circles of mine who heavily use Facebook and I imagine I am probably going to have to work a little harder to keep in touch, but indeed Facebook has made me lazy in terms of real socialising so maybe this can be an opportunity to improve.

For anyone else who wishes to contact me outside of Facebook, I'm always a text message, email, or Google Talk conversation away.