A New Tide

A bassy synth, indie-rockin' guitar stylings percussed with insidiously cowbell woven with the cute death-cab-esque vocals of Ian Ball make Airstream Driver one of those songs you'll want to put in a very prominent spot on your next mix tape.

Gomez is an English indie rock band that have been around since the late '90s. Having reinvented themselves time and time over, their latest album A New Tide sees them come to rest on a blend of bluesy pop-rock that this reviewer is enjoying very much. Always unique thanks to the three vocalists, Gomez are a stand-out band, and always good value.

[caption id="attachment_1755" align="alignright" width="300" caption="A New Tide is really enjoyable. "]A New Tide is really enjoyable. [/caption]

Aside perhaps In Our Gun, A New Tide is by far their most mainstream album yet. While it's garnered rather average reviews in the press, it's an absolute delight to listen to for us common folk. There's a number of stand-out rock tracks amongst dreamy ballads and sweet indie pop tunes, making it a really well-rounded disc.

If I Ask You Nicely is a charming love ditty, whereas Natural Reaction channels the almost unsettling mystique of their earlier sound. There's an awful lot of diversity in this album, which is testament to their earlier experimentation, and you can hear a lot of their earlier styles coming together to form a cohesive qhole. It's very polished which some circles will lead you to believe makes it shallower than previous albums, but it's still a solid effort and difficult to fault.

If you only buy one album this year, A New Tide is a pretty good bet. It's the kind of music you can stick in your CD stacker, and never get sick of. I was being wanky enough to assign stars, I'd give it a high four.