IAMX -- The Alternative

I've for the longest time had a disgusting love affair with the Sneaker Pimps. Lately I've been looking to branch out my musical tastes, and I've discovered that the vocalist has his own outfit named IAMX, which is like the orchestral electrosister of the band. To say the least I'm in all manner of love.

The latest album is named The Alternative, and is introduced with the supreme track President. The big band crossed with electronica is enough to make the biggest of men wet their pants. The melody itself can make you cry.

The entire album spans at least three genres. There's something that any music lover will fall even deeper in love with, notably Nightlife, The Negative Sex, and This Will Make You Love Again. Thematically the music is very dark, like the 'Pimps, but that just adds to the charm and mystique of the artist.

Overall, if you're into pop, mild techno, or electronic-alternative music, you'll be able to appreciate this artist. It's on my list of recommendations for the month, and will be a favourite for some time after.