Boondall Wetlands Bike Ride

I just went for the hugest monster of a bike ride, and now my back's killing. It might be the topic of another entry, why the hell bikes are so damn un-ergonomic.

I started off pretty badly. I'd just got out the garage door when I realised I'd forgot my helmet, so I went back upstairs to get it.

After I got back, I realised my lights weren't working, so I went back upstairs to find replacement batteries. I found some old rechargeables which lit up fine, but apparently died shortly after.

So I finally shut the garage door and realised my car wasn't in the yard. I'd driven it to the train station yesterday so I could get into the city quicker, and completely forgotten about it.

So I zoomed out the gate, and down the road, across the train tracks and all the way to Virginia station – A feat that probably took five minutes, if that. I bundled my bike into my car (it fits! Revelation! I can go bike riding everywhere!), and drove home.

That's when my actual bike ride began. I zoomed up to the bike track and started on my way to Nudgee beach. I was halfway there when I came to a crossroads; I could either continue to Nudgee Beach or cycle through the wetlands. I chose the latter and ended up all the way at Boondall.

By the time I got to Boondall I was stuffed. I flopped down onto one of the picnic tables and guzzled my water bottle. I couldn't stay for too long though, because it was getting rather dark, and the mosquitoes and sand flies were really nasty.

So I started on my way back, and rode smack through two spiderwebs. I saw the third, and quickly ducked. There was the meanest looking spider dangling from it, and I dare say I'd likely have hurt myself going at that speed if it had landed on me.

The rest of the trip was punctuated with bugs hitting my face and helmet. There were so many, and I was going so fast, I could actually hear them hitting me. One went up my nose before I figured I should be more careful.

It was a good ride, but I think the next will be in the light of day. I'd also like working lights, so I can make it a loop and travel back on the road. It'll be a really neat cycle if I can work it out.